Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why the Green Mile Works

DAY 8 – A Movie that Makes You Sad

“The Green Mile” takes an innocent man, falsely accused of murdering two girls when he was trying to save them, and places him on death row.  Tom Hanks plays Paul Edgecomb, a corrections officer who believes in John Coffey’s (played by Michael Clark Duncan) innocence. 

The inmates are all uniquely quirky, adding intrigue to the general atmosphere of Cold Mountain Penitentiary.  Mr. Jingles, the mouse that Del (one of the inmates) kept as a pet, provided a light relief from the long days at the Penitentiary. 

There was not much to do there but wait to die and that waiting feeling pervaded the movie from start to finish.  The climactic moment (I won’t spoil it; although It is amazing how far some people will go for a little bit of revenge - Percy Wetmore, a new guard with a strong temper plays a key role in this part) releases the viewer from waiting, only to watch the ending scene where we learn that Paul is still biding his time until he dies, making him essentially on death row himself.

“The Green Mile” is an incredibly tragic story, but worth the watch.

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