Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why Good Will Hunting Works

Day 5:  A favorite drama movie

Before Ben Affleck directed “Argo” and before Matt Damon was Jason Bourne, they wrote and starred in “Good Will Hunting.”  Will Hunting was incredibly intelligent, but did not apply himself.  He worked as a janitor at MIT instead of going to college or finding a viable career.  After solving a difficult math problem at MIT that was meant for the students, Professor Gerald Lambeau took Hunting under his care and attempted to teach him and guide him towards an intellectual path.  Sean Maguire, played by Robin Williams, is a counselor and community college professor that actually places Hunting onto the right path. 

What makes “Good Will Hunting” so great is the classic American dream story.  Will Hunting rises from having no money, no connections, to getting what he wants in life.  He does this, however, in a realistic way.  After being “discovered,” he does not let the attention go to his head.  His best friends have realistic expectations on what life would be for them – they know that they will not have the same opportunities as Will because they are not as smart as him.

Breaking free from a society that expected nothing from him, Will Hunting set himself free.  He realized his potential, not as a mathematician, but as a human being.

Great clip of Chuckie Sullivan (Will Hunting's best friend) telling Will why he's different from himself:

Stay tuned for Day 6: A favorite comedy!

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