Monday, March 18, 2013

Psycho Shower Scene Not at the End - Why this Works Incredibly Well

Day 4: A favorite horror/suspense movie

When I first watched “Psycho,” I assumed that Janet Leigh was the main character from the promotional pictures.  I knew about the famous shower scene, but I did not know sequentially when it took place – I assumed the shower scene was the climax.  I was wrong for both assumptions.

Why was I wrong?  Because of Hitchcock’s excellent marketing.  He intentionally promoted Janet Leigh as lead actress (which she was, just not in the way that people would think of) and kept details about the film away from the public.  The suspense of “Psycho” began before the audience found their seats in the movie theater.  No interruptions were allowed once they were in the theater, as well.  Posters were placed in movie theaters with Hitchcock gesturing to his watch and saying no admittance after the film started playing.

The face of the police officer face that pulls Marion over is a universal image.  The face’s only distinguishing mark is the dark aviator sunglasses.  The officer could be anyone, transplanting Marion’s fear of being caught onto an intimidating face.

Regardless of whether you knew or suspected that Norman Bates was a…psycho from the beginning, he comes off as a likeable character.  He’s sweet, wants to be helpful, and is lonely.  No one comes by his motel after the new highway was built.  Norman eats candy and plays innkeeper, like an innocent young boy.  Sure, he stuffs birds but what else is he going to do with his free time?  Kill people?  Hmmm...

There are numerous bird references in “Psycho,” and it isn’t even Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”  Marion CRANE, the STUFFED BIRDS in Norman’s office, Norman pointing out that Marion EATS LIKE A BIRD when he offers her a sandwich, and Marion lives in PHOENIX.

Chocolate sauce was used for blood because of the thicker texture.  Yum!

Watch “Psycho” for the suspense-filled story!

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