Saturday, March 16, 2013

7 Similarities between The Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Day 3: A favorite action/adventure movie

1.  Opening images:
  • Dark Knight: The men in Joker masks, robbing a bank.
  • Pirates: Elizabeth Swann and her father rescue a boy floating away from a burning pirate ship.
  •  Both opening images bring the main person or type of person into play – The Joker and pirates.

2.   Elizabeth Swann and Bruce Wayne live in their father’s houses.

3.  The pirate coin is a symbol of well…pirates.  Batman’s signal is a symbol of…Batman. 

4.  Love interest – Elizabeth and Will, Bruce and Rachel.

5.   Jail Breaks: Will breaks Jack out of jail and The Joker breaks himself out of jail.

6.  Belief in the Wrong Person
  •  Elizabeth believes that Jack knows the secret of how to get off the island because he did so before.  It turns out that he escaped by a lucky chance so Elizabeth gets them rescued, instead of Jack (the great pirate captain).
  • Batman takes the fall for Harvey Dent and the police chase him, believing that Batman is responsible for the people Dent murdered.
7.  Main Character becomes the “Bad Guy.
  • Will chooses to help Captain Jack Sparrow escape a hanging and becomes a pirate.
  • Batman and Jim Gordon believe in Harvey Dent.  When Dent becomes Two-Face, Batman takes the fall.
Can you think of any more similarities?

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