Friday, March 15, 2013

Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings: Fantasy Movies, Day 2

Some Thoughts (only pertaining to the movies, not the books): 

Both film series have intensive storylines, but “Harry Potter” is more plot-based, while “The Lord of the Rings” is more action-based.

Both films have a remarkable number of similarities from wizards to swords to the title images.

The running storyline of “The Lord of the Rings” is will Frodo be able to destroy the evil ring? The characters make a pact to protect Frodo, inevitably become separated, and each character must fend for himself (or in small groups). They are reactive – when one thing goes wrong, they must fix it and keep going.

“Harry Potter” is more plot-driven and has complex storylines. The recurring mission to defeat Lord Voldemort appears in every movie, in a different way each time. He does not come onscreen in several movies and even when a big battle with him does not happen in a movie, the underlying tension that he is waiting and getting stronger is still there and in full force.

Each “Harry Potter” movie is a separate story with an overarching story and “The Lord of the Rings” is more of three films continuing the same story. One way this is demonstrated is that there is much more talking and discussing in “Harry Potter.” Conversely, many scenes in “The Lord of the Rings” have no words (you follow the action) and if there are words, they are brief directions, not lengthy discussions.


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